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  • Pitch-black… a smart, slow burn movie…razor-sharp, darkly funny and tense.

  • Brilliantly unsettling....daringly original... ABSOLUTELY UNMISSABLE James Sherlock, Macquarie Radio

  • The Jacobsons have given us another comedy classic, far stranger than the last. Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

  • One of the best Australian films of the decade...a pitch-black thriller... intelligent, atmospheric and finely acted Mitch Ziems, The 8 Percent

  • A funny, messed-up and moving tale that's part Greek tragedy, part character-driven theatre piece…. The discovery of the SxSW Festival Rolling Stone, USA

  • Brotherly love only goes so far….. ….a comedy that's blacker than pitch The Hollywood Reporter

  • Seething with grit, dark humour and a brotherhood that’s twisted in a dark love… visceral and stunning, one of the early gems of 2018… highly recommended, 9/10

  • “ A cleverly constructed, bleakly humorous crime thriller that really gets under your skin…Brothers’ Nest also happens to feature one of the greatest final lines in cinematic history, San Antonio

  • A Coen Brothers comedy…becomes a Hitchcockian thriller… Brothers’ Nest will make you laugh, then hold tight to the armrest of your seat, then ultimately cry

  • Captivating…this dark Australian comedy is about old grudges, troubled history….a subtle balance of thriller meets dark humour

  • Dark, funny & vicious….just amazing CKButterman Podcast

  • Great, dark fun…. truly innovative…genuinely funny moments mixed with an extremely compelling story.. …definitely a Must See Berk Reviews

  • Pitch black humour and a sense of brutal, unforgiving irony…..Brothers’ Nest is a thriller cut from the Blood Simple cloth, recalling the more serious and stripped down work of Joel and Ethan Coen

  • A tragic-comedy about family, loyalty and murder Nightmare On Film Street

  • Dark, moody…an Australian tragicomedy Birth, Movies,Death